Burn prevention

90 % of burns can be avoided through prevention. Most happen in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Even a small change can make your home safer.

In the kitchen

In the bathroom

First aid for burns

Burns and scalds are the most painful and often also most tragic injuries. They are caused by the effect of high temperatures on the body surface. A timely first aid can lower the degree of the burn and reduce the area affected.

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Parents’ stories

Most burns suffered by children at home are due to unpredictable circumstances. A brief moment of inattention, an unusual situation or just a coincidence of circumstances a  A serious burn can happen to any child, even the most diligent and attentive parents cannot always prevent it. This are two such stories.

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Facts about burns

The temperature of the source of the burn and the length of contact with the body surface are the key factors that determine the depth of the wound. The higher the temperature and the longer the time of contact, the deeper the burn will be.

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Tap water can reach a temperature of up to 60°C
Oil can reach a temperature of up to 200°C

About us


The non-for-profit association “Bolíto” (standing for “It hurts”) provides assistance to child burn victims, mainly in terms of psychosocial support. It was founded in 2003 by Lenka Šetelíková, head nurse, and Robert Zajíček, chief physician, from the Burn Clinic at Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague. Five years ago, the photographer Jarmila Štuková joined the team; she is mainly involved in creating prevention and awareness-raising campaigns

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